Day. Zero. Project.

How It Works:

Create 101 goals to be completed in 1001 days (2.74 years).  That’s it! Read more about the project here.

I think it is a pretty awesome project, so I have decided to join.

Starts: May 14, 2017
Ends: February 9, 2020

I have broke down my 101 goals into categories. The goals listed are in no particular order. Here we go!

1.  Buy a Bible
2.  Read the Bible for an hour a day for a month
3.  Learn all the books in the Bible

Health + Exercise:
4.  Lose 25 pounds [0/25]
5.  Lose 50 pounds [0/50]
6.  Lose 100 pounds [0/100]
7.  Lose 150 pounds [0/150]
8.  Reach Goal Weight
9.  Take a Yoga class
10. Record myself shooting hoops
11. Complete 500 miles of exercise [0/500]
12. Run the soccer field for a workout
13. Create a weight loss video
14. Run a mile non-stop
15. Develop a workout routine
16. Create new workout playlists
17. Ride my bike on weekend for a month [0/4]
18. Pay myself $1 for every workout I complete
19. Take before/after photos
20. Adhere to my rewards for my weight loss

Food + Nutrition:
21. Drink gallon of water a day for a month [1/30]
22. No dining out for a month [1/30]
23. Pack a lunch for a month [1/20 – work days]
24. Cook at home for a month [1/30]
25. No eating in cafe at work for a month [1/20 – work days]
26. Track foods in myfitnesspal for a month faithfully
27. Complete Whole30 (no cheating) [1/30]

28. Get basement cleaned out
29. Get basement remodeled
30. Get bathroom remodeled
31. Finish designing living room
32. Clean backyard thoroughly
33. Clean out front closet
34. Buy a gas grill – hubby bought me one for my birthday (5/29/17)
35. Buy new living room furniture
36. Sort out my wardrobe & donate items
37. Go through sneakers & store properly
38. Sell sneakers I no longer want

Entertainment + Fun + Travel:
39. See a movie at a drive-in theatre
40. Visit the local zoo
41. Go see a play
42. Participate in a color run
43. Visit Times Square NY
44. Put together a 1000 piece puzzle
45. Make 5 recipes I’ve pinned on pinterest [0/5]
46. Make yummy crock pot meal 4 times in a month [0/4]
47. Make a pie on pi-day
48. Buy a lottery ticket
49. Take a photo representing each letter of the alphabet [0/26]
50. Explore five new places in my city [0/5]
51. Spend a day exploring & photographing things in my city
52. Learn to cook ten new meals [0/10]
53. Leave a 100% tip [1/1]done
54. Send a care package to one random soldier
55. Donate to the food bank
56. Leave an inspirational note inside a library book for someone to find

Personal Development + Education:
57. Watch a TEDTalk for six weeks
58. Take a Udemy course
59. Practice Swahili for hour/per week for six months [0/6]
60. Write my will
61. Trace my Ancestry
62. Make a vision board
63. Do some volunteer work
64. Get a job promotion
65. Discover podcasts to listen to
66. Do act of kindness for 30 days [0/30]
67. Start back photography & get at least one paid session

68. Read a book a month for a year [0/12]
69. Read a book with a one word title
70. Read unread books at home

71. For each goal complete, save $25  [0/101]
72. Create a budget
73. Save $5000
74. Save $10000
75. Save $15000
76. Write down all purchases for an entire month

77. Clean up phone apps
78. Clean up phone notes
79. Clean up email inbox
80. Clean up phone photos
81. Close online accounts that are not used
82. Change passwords on all online accounts

83. Blog three times a week
84. Set up blog reader w/new blogs to read
85. Complete 100 blog posts

Give Up:
86. Quit drinking soda
87. Quit drinking coffee
88. Give up sugar
89. Stop biting my nails
90. Give up unnecessary spending for one month [0/30]
91. Go without meat for one week [0/7]

Me Time:
92. Spend one weekend with nothing but Netflix/DVR
93. Spend five Saturday’s at library (minimum 3 hours) [0/5]
94. Document a “day in my life” in photos
95. Scrapbook my weight loss
96. Take a full body photo monthly on the 28th of each month
97. Watch movies bought
98. Have professional photos taken
99. Spend one weekend unplugged
100. Get a facial
101. Make a vlog

And the 102nd goal, because 101 wasn’t enough and I couldn’t get rid of one.
102. Make a new list for another day zero run

That’s it, these are my “goals”.  I am overwhelmed a tad already as I know some of them will be tough. However I will give it all I got, just like anything else in life.  I’m excited! Let’s go!