Day. Zero. Project. YES!

I have completed listing my 101 goals for the Day Zero Project, finally.  Well, I have 102 goals listed as I was an “overachiever” and couldn’t delete one goal when I learned I had went over by one goal. Oh well. If you do not know what the Day Zero Project is, basically it is where you choose 101 goals to be done in 1001 days, which is 2.74 years.  I did my best to come up with doable goals, but not something that would be so easy to accomplish either.  I look at this as a challenge as well.  I know it will be hard, but I will give it my all.  It is the least that I can do for me.

I created a Day Zero Project page on my blog so that I can have a place to keep track of the goals and my progress.  I plan to blog regularly about how the goals are going as a way to keep me honest.  I am pretty excited to finally get started.  My start date is May 14, 2017 and my end date is February 9, 2020.  The end date feels so far away, however we all know how time flies.  I attempted to put my goals into categories, so that I can have a better feel of what it is that I need to do in different areas. One might notice that I have a lot of health and exercise goals, but if I look at my life right now, this area is my focus.  This project will allow me to stay on track and stay the course to ensure I am still working towards progress of weight loss.  There are also some fun items in my list as I do not want to lose the focus of fun along the way 🙂 I would hate for that to happen 🙂

So finally I am starting a project that I have wanted to do for so long and I am tickled pink about doing so.  I plan to have some fun along the way… let’s get started.

Until I blog again,