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I had a solid day today eating wise.  I ate healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner, however after dinner I had a pepsi and a pastry. While the pepsi and the pastry are not items I want to have in my diet, after a day of being on point eating wise, it wasn’t that bad.  After I ate it though, I was semi-mad at myself as I battle my mental strength when it comes to have restraint to say no to these items.  I was laying across the bed thinking about how weak I feel I am mentally when I thought to call my husband in and ask him how does he keep strong with his mental thinking and restraints. We had a great talk.  I was surprise that I felt comfortable and he thoroughly was willing to help.  I wasn’t surprised as if he is not supportive, but more so that I was able to open up about it with him as lately I have been just keeping things internal and to myself.  We talked and basically came up with a plan that I believe would work and one that he said he would do everything he can to help me keep on track.  I felt so good after the talk.

The plan we talked about was creating a menu from Friday to Friday and also an exercise schedule that I would adhere to no matter what is thrown my way.  He told me that I deserve everything my heart desires and that he would help me to get those things.  My husband knows I want to lose weight and that it is my number one priority right now.  He is okay with my taking any needed time to focus on me and losing the weight I desire and he is also willing to help. I’m very grateful to have an understanding and helping husband.  The plan is that from Friday to Friday I stick solely to the exercise plan and menu and then on Friday I can have a treat, which includes a drink of my chose (probably a pepsi) and a food item of my choice before starting my next week of sticking to the plan created.  This does not mean that on Friday I can have a pass to splurge on the drink of my choice and food item of my choice, but instead I can have a serving of each.  I loved this idea and I am going to give it a try.  I will change my weigh-in day to Friday as it will be better suited for this plan.  Now all I have to do is create the menu (which I will do tomorrow evening after I grocery shop) and the exercise plan.  I will do both of these tomorrow evening.

I am thankful to have had this talk with my husband and for his support.  I will give it my all to stick to this plan and see if I can make better traction towards my goals and start to see better results. Stay tuned.

Until I blog again,

I finally made it back to the gym.  Yesterday was the first of the month, so I wanted to start the month off on the right foot.  I also wanted to ensure that I am doing what is needed to meet my birthday goal as talked about in yesterday’s post. It felt good to be back, but just like any time you someone is away from working out, I am experiencing some soreness.  Yesterday I did the elliptical for 45 minutes while watching Hulu, My 600 lb Life, where I was so emotional. This show really helped me power my workout too.   I feel so sorry for the folks on this tv show, but at the end of each episode it is awesome to see that most of them have changed their lives.

Here are my numbers from the elliptical yesterday.  I did 3 miles on the elliptical.

I am aware that the workout machine numbers are the most accurate, however my heart rate monitor that i better with workout number accuracy batteries were dead. I came home from the gym and ordered new batteries from the heart rate monitor from amazon. Mid next week I should be good to go and ready to wear my hrm for better workout number accuracy.

I also went to the gym earlier today. I watched another episode of My 600 lb Life so my workout was identical to yesterday’s.  I was so close to 3 miles. Below is a photo of me hiding my face and my workout numbers.  I have a long way to go, but I will not quit until I reach my goals.

I am ready for the work week to start. My lunch is packed and I am looking forward to pushing through this week.  I am off to pack my gym bag now. Here’s to an awesome week <3

Until I blog again,

Today was day two and it was better. I was able to stay on track with my eating plan and I felt good about it. I am also blogging about my day two so this means that I was able to meet two of the three goals set for today, my eating well and blogging. The third goal I set, unfortunately, I didn’t meet. I did not make it to the gym for a workout 🙁 My heart and mind wanted to, but I just didn’t get it done. I will do better tomorrow and it will be the first goal that I attempt to reach. You see, I have a love/hate relationship with working out. I love it after I do it, but I have a hard time getting there. I just have to get it done. No excuses. Once I break the cycle of not going, I usually have no issues with going the next day and so on. It’s just getting there that is the hardest part to me. I know that sounds crazy, but it is my truth. I own it and I plan to do something about it.

I have done well for three days (no I will not keep counting the days) and I am proud of myself. I will keep adding solid and strong habits to my daily routines until I have mastered the habits and do them without thinking about them. That is the goal. I am still excited, so that is a good sign that it didn’t wear off yet. I can do this. I WILL DO THIS!

In other news, today I am starting a book titled “The Fred Factor“. I learned of this book awhile ago while reading a story about a teen named Fred who rode his bike 50 miles to register for college. It was said that he was homeless and had no other options to get to his college. The story really touched my heart and while following the story I learned of the book, The Fred Factor. I can’t wait to get started and learn something from this book. This is not a book about the teen which biked to college, but it came up in discussion while reading about him. My night will consist of drinking some H2O and starting this book. Cheers!

Until I blog again,

I have tried and stopped, tried and stopped, tried and stopped until I am ready to push past the stopping part and giving it my all.  The thing about this vicious cycle is that I have never been past the “stopped” part to see how far I can go.  Because I have always stopped quit, I have never known what I can accomplish and that to me is a scary thing. Why is it scary? Well for the simple fact that I personally have quit at attempting to succeed.  Makes sense? I sure hope so.  I want to push, fight and grit past the quitting and see myself in another phase.  Why can’t I blog without quitting? Why can’t I eat healthy without quitting? Why can’t I lose the unwanted weight without quitting? Why?  That’s what I want to answer and I am the only one that can answer that question for myself. How can I answer that?  By simply pushing through and finding out what can get done if I do not quit, finding out what goals I can meet by not quitting. Easy, eh? Well, I know it will not be an easy feat, but I am up for the challenge.  I am ready to see what I can get done by doing the things that I know I have to do to reach my goals. I’m ready.

Today is ‘pre-day one”.  I named it that because while at work today the notion of starting came over me, so the day had already started and I had already did the opposite of what I want to set out to meet.  I started right then and there though, as soon as I felt the little voice saying “start now” and because I was mid-day already, I decided to name today, “pre-day one”. Tomorrow is officially day one and I am excited.  I am using this “pre-day one” to help prep for day one.  This mean that I am blogging today, making a schedule that I will start tomorrow, getting my gym bag ready and making sure my breakfast and lunch will be packed and ready for tomorrow.  I have to et myself up for success so today is a perfect day to do that.

Like I said, tomorrow is day one.  I will be first focusing on my eating habits and ensuring that I am setting time out to get to the gym for a workout.  I will weigh myself (and maybe post the results, although that is scary), I will track my food intake and I will exercise.  And of course, I will blog about it tomorrow.  Here’s to my day one of my newly written book.  I know that it will not be easy, but I am up for the challenge.  Read it here first, on this day (March 28, 2017), I will be a success story to myself and for myself. I am just getting started and I am excited. Off to finish my “pre-day one”, my prepping for day 1.

Until I blog again,