I had a solid day today eating wise.  I ate healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner, however after dinner I had a pepsi and a pastry. While the pepsi and the pastry are not items I want to have in my diet, after a day of being on point eating wise, it wasn’t that bad.  After I ate it though, I was semi-mad at myself as I battle my mental strength when it comes to have restraint to say no to these items.  I was laying across the bed thinking about how weak I feel I am mentally when I thought to call my husband in and ask him how does he keep strong with his mental thinking and restraints. We had a great talk.  I was surprise that I felt comfortable and he thoroughly was willing to help.  I wasn’t surprised as if he is not supportive, but more so that I was able to open up about it with him as lately I have been just keeping things internal and to myself.  We talked and basically came up with a plan that I believe would work and one that he said he would do everything he can to help me keep on track.  I felt so good after the talk.

The plan we talked about was creating a menu from Friday to Friday and also an exercise schedule that I would adhere to no matter what is thrown my way.  He told me that I deserve everything my heart desires and that he would help me to get those things.  My husband knows I want to lose weight and that it is my number one priority right now.  He is okay with my taking any needed time to focus on me and losing the weight I desire and he is also willing to help. I’m very grateful to have an understanding and helping husband.  The plan is that from Friday to Friday I stick solely to the exercise plan and menu and then on Friday I can have a treat, which includes a drink of my chose (probably a pepsi) and a food item of my choice before starting my next week of sticking to the plan created.  This does not mean that on Friday I can have a pass to splurge on the drink of my choice and food item of my choice, but instead I can have a serving of each.  I loved this idea and I am going to give it a try.  I will change my weigh-in day to Friday as it will be better suited for this plan.  Now all I have to do is create the menu (which I will do tomorrow evening after I grocery shop) and the exercise plan.  I will do both of these tomorrow evening.

I am thankful to have had this talk with my husband and for his support.  I will give it my all to stick to this plan and see if I can make better traction towards my goals and start to see better results. Stay tuned.

Until I blog again,